I get the biggest adrenaline rush from writing! My nerve endings literally hum when I know I’ve stumbled upon an idea that will take me somewhere amazing. It’s the best kind of buzz.

I love to write stories that transport the reader into a character’s shoes. I want the reader to connect with them so much that they can’t stop turning the pages to see their fate. If I don’t surprise and shock the reader throughout the story, then I’ve failed. I want to take the reader on an unexpected journey with ups and downs, laughter and pain, horror and excitement, love and mystery; and of course, suspense.


I’m lucky to have found my passion in 2007 when my husband decided to try his hand at writing a novel. He didn’t stick with it, but through the frustration of not being able to control his story, I found my own. I write when I’m not nagging my three amazing children to do their chores or driving them to this-and-that.

When I’m not curled on the couch to write, read, or lost in a TV series, I’m out playing with friends. Because hanging with friends means laughter; one of my favorite things.

A few other random tidbits…

I like to dance and sing at the top of my lungs when I clean in the kitchen, and afterwards, get back to my writing. Because music inspires me.

I am very goal oriented. There’s always something I’m focusing on to improve myself, whether it’s physical, mental or spiritual. I am very motivated by the empowerment of my ability as a human being to evolve and grow.

I live close to the mountains in Utah, not far from where I grew up. And I am enlightened by the gorgeous view out my great room windows every day.