How the title Minnow in the Dark came about:

The title was late in coming to me as I already knew the titles for the last two books in the series (Inside the Dark and Becoming the Dark). I thought long and hard about it. It needed to be perfect to set the tone for the rest of the series. I’d begun to ask God for a little inspiration because I was coming up empty handed.

I had the thought that a metaphor for Lexi’s character might work for the title, if I found an animal that might represent her in the story.It needed to be an innocent and naive creature. I remember thinking about metal traps in the forest and a white bunny getting caught in it, with perhaps the wolves circling. But I quickly dismissed the idea, but bunny was not finding its way into my title. Rabbit and hare weren’t any better.

As I sat on my brown microfiber couch and asked God what innocent creature could work in the title, the word ‘minnow’ popped into my mind. It sounded like some sort of creature, but I wasn’t quite sure. I’d heard the word sometime in my past, but not often enough to remember what it was. So I decided to google it.

When I read that a minnow is a tiny fish that fishermen gather and use as bait to attract bigger fish, I got chills. It fit my story so perfectly, I couldn’t have planned it better myself. With a few added bits in the story line that refer to Lexi as an innocent little minnow, and the title was cemented. The vibe of the title encapsulates the entirety of the book and I couldn’t be more grateful for that whispered nudge in the right direction.