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About Minnow in the Dark

A young and insecure Lexi Landing, finds herself mixed up in a world where the fantastical becomes her reality and nightmare. All because of a silver ring she found in her car that has the ability to absorb fear, sadness and pain, lending power to the bearer. And someone wants it back.

Oblivious at first to the forces working against her, Lexi strives for normality in her junior year of high school as she tries to shed her self-conscious skin. But this becomes increasingly difficult as Lexi is pulled down even further into the darkness rising up around her.

She makes some new and unexpected friends. One that she falls for, one that betrays her and one that has special abilities that both frighten and protect her.

The latter has powers Lexi cannot fathom and secrets he cannot explain. But when Lexi is betrayed, she finds herself trapped with the option of giving up the only one who can help her, or put her family and friends in danger.

Lexi must find her way out of the shrinking net before she drowns.