While MITD is my first novel to query out, I’ve got lots of other stories I’m working on! Here’s just a taste.

Heir of Ashes– Fantasy, Trilogy. Throne of Glass meets the barest thread of Beauty and the Beast.

A spy and sword yielding heroine, in search of her father, gets pulled into a band of men looking to overtake the throne. Fate’s prophecy may have brought them together–a seer, a sword, and a snake, but Raven doesn’t see her role in it and fights for a destiny of her own. One, away from the lost prince who’s lied and betrayed her.

Hide and Seek in Mirrors- Futuristic Sci-Fi Dystopian, Trilogy. The Giver with a twist of time and revolution.

Preva is content in her family’s humble underground home in Quad 32. But the abduction of her childhood friend has always haunted her. So when Zethrom crashes into her Quad, she sees him as a way to sneak into the Prog Elite, the place she suspects her friend was taken. Prog Elite has anything a person could want. Except they don’t want or care about anything, because of the Medbands; something that inhibits any type of pain or negative emotion.

So when Preva sees how Zethrom reverts from the boy she’s taught how to love, into a emotionless shell, she decides she has to find a way to save a race that’s enslaved themselves. Without it enslaving her.

See, kNOw Boy- Inspiring Fiction, Stand Alone. Wonder meets A Walk to Remember.

Michael is known as a weirdo and a freak. But Thea never saw him that way.

I sat straighter in my seat. Michael needed a champion. Because as I grew older, I realized that the world can be cruel. There would be more Tillies waiting in the wings, putting Michael into degrading categories, thinking they are elevated on some higher plateau.

And even years later, after a diagnosis—a label that made it a little easier for some to find a reason to be patient and kind, Michael didn’t wear this label on his shirt; didn’t have a tag that said, “This is the reason why I am what I am,” so that every person in his path could know how he struggled on a daily basis.

None of us do.

But Michael’s label didn’t matter to me. I didn’t see an Autistic boy.

I just saw Michael. 

See, kNOw Boy, hopes to bring awareness to mental health issues, such as Autism, Anxiety and OCD. Coming from four main perspectives, the reader receives a deeper understanding of how a bully, a sister, brother and friend, all have their struggles. Which is why all must seek to truly See each other, without any labels.